Blue Ox Testosterone Booster Review (In Depth)

Blue Ox Test Booster works in order to increase natural levels of testosterone as well as address any deficiencies which may be preventing your testosterone from reaching its maximum potential; thereby both enhancing and repairing your bodies capacity to produce testosterone. The way that Blue Ox Test Booster does this is through its carefully selected list of clinically vetted ingredients. The first among these ingredients is Ashwahanda. Ashwahanda, also sometimes spelled Ashwahandha, is a plant extract which has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for problems such as infertility and erectile dysfunction. Today it holds the distinction of being one of the extremely few compounds demonstrated in a scientific setting to raise the endogenous testosterone levels of hormonally normal males.

This means that in addition to treating some of the symptoms of low testosterone, Ashwahanda actually raises the endogenous production of testosterone in hormonally normal males, who aren’t already suffering from “low T”. The term “hormonally normal” is of particular importance here as there are several products which have been demonstrated to increase testosterone, but they have only been able to do so in hypogonadic men or men who already had conditions leading to low testosterone. The presence of this ingredients in Blue Ox Test Booster means that it can be taken alone by athletes to enhance their performance and boost their testosterone levels naturally, beyond their currently normal levels, and without the need for an existing deficiency in order to work. In this way Ashwahanda is an augumentative ingredient, designed to boost your testosterone. Another compound that serves the same purpose is Tribulus terrestis. Tribulus is well known, and it has been long tested and confirmed as addressing many of the issues associated with low testosterone, such as by enhancing libido and treating erectile issues, but our primary reason for adding it to Blue Ox was scientific studies conducted on Tribulus which demonstrated its ability to raise testosterone in in vitro studies . these studies suggested that Tribulus terrestis does in fact boost testosterone and a variety of natural male hormonal functions. In addition to potentially enhancing athletic performance, this makes Tribulus perfect for use in PCT, when the body is in an induced hypogonadic state, and will help people recover from low testosterone faster, as well as confer the benefits of resolving low test related issues by providing improvements in mood, libido, and erectile function.

Now that we have gone over some of the augmentative ingredients in Blue Ox Test Booster, we can segue into an explanation of it supplemental benefits, and how this unique shift in modalities sets Blue Ox apart from any other similar product on the market. Unbeknownst to many bodybuilders, some of the most common causes of less than optimal testosterone levels is deficiencies in common vitamins and minerals necessary for the production of testosterone. For example, our formulation includes in it a supplemental dosage of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is essential for the production of endogenous testosterone, yet near half of the world’s population is deficient in it . We’ve also decided to include vitamins such as Vitamin B12, and magnesium in order to address some of the common mineral and vitamin deficiencies which lead to lower than optimal testosterone levels. We’ve also included Boron Citrate and Zinc Aspartate to further address any nutritional holes which may be preventing your body from producing testosterone at maximum efficiency .

Finally, One of the most useful and endocrinologically cogent ingredients which we have decided to include in our testosterone boosting matrix is the plant extract known as “stinging nettle”. Stinging nettle is particularly unique in its ability to prevent testosterone from converting to estrogenic compounds, or oestrogens . This means that not only will the testosterone boosting matrix of Blue Ox Testosterone Booster help raise your testosterone levels, but it will also protect that new endogenous testosterone from conversion to estrogen, shifting your overall androgen balance positively, and ensuring that you retain as many of the benefits offered by the ingredients of Blue Ox as possible.

Now that we have delved into the scientific principles behind Blue Ox Test Booster, we can begin to apply this knowledge and how an athlete might utilize this product to enhance his performance and recovery. An athlete merely wishing to try out Blue Ox for testosterone boosting benefits, need only purchase it and take the capsules as directed. You should notice an increase in libido, feelings of well-being, energy, and performance in the gym. You may also notice that you are more assertive and confident in your day-to-day interactions. The principle is relatively similar for an athlete who is recovering from a cycle of androgens and wishes to use Blue Ox as order to aid his PCT. This athlete would simply take the recommended dosage of Blue Ox and have his natural hormone levels recover quicker than they would without the addition, allowing the blood levels of male sex hormones to normalize to ensure hormonal health, and also to prime the athlete for top endrocrinological health and a full recovery before their next enhancement.


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