Clickfunnels BLACK BOX- Is it worth it or crap? Unboxing and reveal of Expert Secrets upgrade

👉 I ordered the BLACK BOX which is the upgrade when you buy Expert Secrets from someones affiliate link.

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I already had multiple copies of Expert Secrets and I love that book by Russell Brunson. But I never ordered the Black Box because I thought I didn’t need it.

But then I had FOMO and wanted to add it to my collection and really wanted to know what was inside the Black Box. And funnel hack Russell’s funnel.

It comes with a copy of Expert Secrets, Dot Com Secrets, 4 mini booklets, some stickers, and some other pamphlets.

If you are a bigger at building funnels, I highly suggest getting the Black Box. If you are already an experienced person in the funnel hacking community, I would still suggest getting it so you can explain to other what is in it and share your affiliate link.

👉 Here is my affiliate link.

After you add your shipping address, you will see the option to upgrade to the Black Box.

(Also a correction, you only get 1 copy of Expert Secrets, I got 2 because I ordered another one through someone else’s affiliate link and they put it in the same box)


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