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Your message has the ability to change someone’s life. But how do you find your voice so that you differentiate yourself and stand out when there’s so much noise out there today? Feels like everyone’s saying the same thing or might be overwhelming where to start?

What does it take to be an “expert” at something?

Hey refusers – so if you’re watching this channel, it means you’re going to be successful one day. This book knocked me over flat.

I read it coming back from a festival in Mexico my band was playing to 6k people. And as I was looking out at the crowd I kept thinking – how do you build a movement like this? Get ALL these people here for a comment experience or goal or gathering?

And in this book totally explained and laid it out in such an eye-opening format, not sure if I ever got SO much out of a single book.

Expert Secrets | Russell Brunson – Get Your FREE Copy Of Expert Secrets Now!

ANYWAY – I’m pumped! First, because this is one of my favorite books. Second, because you get it for FREE — YES! FREE.99! Just click the link below and pay for shipping it gets sent straight to you.


Let’s go over the top 4 ideas now.

1. To progress is to share

One of the things you’ll need to do is LEARN. Taking in the information. Consuming machine. School, podcasts, books, seminars, youtube videos, etc.

but there comes a point where that growth plateaus… right?

You’ve probably experienced this:

in gym workout going super well… then stops
in diet lose tons of weight… then nothing
in self-development learn all these awesome concepts… then seems to get repetitive am I right?

In my experience, the only way to keep progressing is to switch from that consumer LEARNING role to the giving TEACHING role.

2. Figure out your epiphany

“AND THAT WAS THE MOMENT WHEN…..” — Brendon Burchard
i.e. for me: post-college mess, mom’s basement, 40k in debt, GF broke up with me all same month basically handed me a book that said, “how to get your S*** together”…

at a time trying so many things online didn’t work bought 1-way ticket to SEA — traveled around the world, lived the 4HWW.. only one problem didn’t have the WORK component down!

Sitting at Angkor Watt watching the sunrise at 4AM — hit me i had an untapped potential rising up inside me. Took out a journal and wrote down HOW my life was gonna go next 4 years.
Knew i had to earn my freedom. to do that — had to REFUSE to settle.
Since then, the six-figure business achieved nearly all my dreams!!

Pretty epic.


One of my biggest takeaways
EVERY movie, EVERY TV show, EVERY book, EVERY story has at least ONE person to relate to. This is an attractive character. (Han Solo, Mickey Mouse,

4. The only three markets
TIP: Carve out your sub-niche — combine them!
i.e. Health for MOMs (mom blogs)
i.e. Wealth for the NEW era (cryptocurrencies)

Expert Secrets | Russell Brunson – Book Summary
Get Your FREE Copy Of Expert Secrets Now!

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Expert Secrets | Russell Brunson – Book Summary
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