How Russell Brunson Made $3Million Dollars In 90 Minutes! + Expert Secrets Review

How Russell Brunson Made $3Million Dollars In 90 Minutes!
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In this video I explain how Russell Brunson was able to make $3Million in 90 minutes! Russell Brunson is the king of selling and when I saw this my mind was blown, because how can anyone talk and then sell $3million worth of product?! It just doesn’t make sense…

Then I remembered, Russell is the king of pitching because he has a formula…and that formula is the perfect webinar script…and that perfect webinar script is outlined inside of Russell’s book, Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets is Russell Brunson’s second book and outlines that exact methods how he is able to sell over and over again.

It gets no easier to sell something when you have the book that outlines the process but also the person who wrote the book follows the same exact processes to make $3million in 90 minutes…

Expert Secrets is similar to DotComSecrets as it’s a free plus shipping offer meaning that all you have to do is pay shipping and it gets delivered straight to your house. In my opinion I think its absolutely worth the small shipping price because Expert Secrets is amazing!

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