– OSTARINE – (SARM MK-2866) Binaural+Isochronic (Joints Regeneration, Improved Endurance, Strength)

Contains conscientiously crafted binaural beats combined with isochronic tones and brown noise. Ostarine – known as Mk-2866 will prevent from injuries, support joints regeneration, improve endurance, strength, lean muscle mass gains.

I encourage you to listen to this one 2-3 times per day.

Steroid binaural beats have indirect influence on your glial cells that makes your brain give impulse to produce steroid hormones in relevant doses (Glial cells also synthesize endogenous neuroactive steroids and are involved in the modulation of hormone release!) and make your brain move into states of mind typical for external steroids. They can also stimulate pitiuary gland, to give order to testicles to produce testosterone! In result you may get effects that are close to oral/inj steroids. For example: retention of water in muscles (remember that water is very anabolic substance, that is used for anabolic processes in organism!), higher testosterone, varied psychical sensations etc.
Thats why I encourage you to be be careful while using them. They have indicrect impact on your organism!

Contains several subliminal messages!


Scientists as well as I, have done a lot of researches and experiments with binaural beats, isochronic tones and subliminal messages (I have mostly focused on athlete performance improvement. I have done a lot of experiments on my friends and also my esteemed test group on Pateron. Researches were mainly focused on workout results, blood tests (testosterone / estradiol / lh/fsh) and mind states (I think that I will create an official scientific publication about it in future). Workout results and effects on mind states are really evident. Also blood tests results are really impressive e.g. (13.03.18 – before binaural cycle): Testosterone: 4,823 ng/ml (2,8 – 8,0), Estradiol 25,910 pg/ml (11,30 – 43,20) — (12.04.18 – after): Testosterone: 6,570 ng/ml (2,8 – 8,0), Estradiol 34,644 pg/ml (11,30 – 43,20) These are the newest results after almost 1 month cycle on my Testosterone Enanthate. I have some more blood results from my other tests. They are much older and were more focused on lh/fsh influence – they both will also influence on testosterone level, fertillity etc.). I am going to publish all of them in my researches, that I have mentioned before).There come explanations… There are many official researches, that you may find on scientific web sites, that binaural beats have influence on our organism in a dozen ways. E.g. it is proved that binaural beats can stimulate pituary gland (e.g. dr Hanns Uwe Pfaff in 2014 has created a big publication about influence on HPA. He mostly focused on cortisol regulation. This scientist and many other researches show us too (you may find a lot more even on ncbi site etc.), that even placebo group may have some effects while using “fake”, so like awkwardly done binaural beats, 3/4 worse effects than non-placebo group, but still (placebo can be also powerful eh). Binaural beats have also influence on glial cells, so it is possible to produce hormones (also steroid hormones) in a few ways, by using it regulary. Also they have strong influence on our mind states (there actually exists a hauntingly humber of published studies about this topic). Our mind states may have also a decisive influence on our sport results/achievments (sport psychology branch) If you are a person, that trains regulary, then it is certainly obvious for you how mind states plays essential role in sport.

To reasume – there are evidences, that binaural beats will help you to grow greater muscles and improve your athlete performance in a really complex way. I have also earned a lot of feedbacks in private messages, as well as in comment section, that my productions brings on very nice adventages.


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I NEVER encourage anyone to take real oral/inj steroids.

I do not take any responsibility for side effects, that may occur by using any of my binaural beats!

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